Step 3 of AA

Step 3 of AA looks to capitalize on the alcoholic’s improvement made from step 2 by turning their will over to this higher power that they have now come to believe.

Step 3

“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.”

Official Readings on Step 3

Read more about Step Three, which is a great lesson on willingness, from the book ’12 Steps & 12 Traditions’.

What is Step 3 in AA?

Step 3 finishes off the concept of step 2, which details the necessity of coming to believe in a power greater than yourself. Once buying into step 2 and its concept, step 3 asks that you make the commitment to live your life in accordance with this Higher Power.

Although it says to come up with a God of your understanding, the Big Book recommends to keep it “light”. This new God of ours shouldn’t be complicated.


How to Do Step 3

Doing step 3 does not mean that we need to drop everything in our lives and become a priest. Nor does it mean that we need to buy every self-help book there is and over-complicate our sobriety. Step 3 is more about getting out of our own way and having more acceptance in doing things aligned with Gods path.

Giving our will to God can be done by doing actions in which we would normally not want to do, due to fear, and letting them fall into place. Actions such as going to AA meetings, praying in the morning and evening, meditating, getting a sponsor or by obtaining a service commitment; slowly those fears which stall you from putting your program into action will turn into faith when you simply accept God’s wishes. Simply put: Stop doing it your way!

To complete step 3, you and your sponsor will say the Step 3 prayer aloud. Then, he or she will ask you the following question:

Are you now ready to make a decision to hand your will and your life over to the care of God as you understand Him?

If you can honestly answer this question with a “yes”, both you and your sponsor are ready to journey into step 4.

Step 3 AA Worksheet & Questions

The Step 3 AA Worksheet revolves around the concept of surrendering your will (and your life) over to the care of your Higher Power. This worksheet breaks this step down by offering important snippets from the Big Book that deal with this important step.

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