A Morning Prayer

A morning prayer is typically used to start out the day on the right foot by reciting the 12 steps in a single prayer. We must never forget that sobriety is a gift and one that needs to be shared in order to keep. On a daily basis, we must acknowledge that we are powerless over alcohol. If there is one prayer that you incorporate into your daily reprieve, be it this morning prayer as it encompasses all of the 12 steps.

Prayer Text

God, please direct my thinking. Please let it be free of self-pity. Please free my motives from dishonesty and self-seeking. Thank you for this good day. Thank you for the privilege you have given me of being in this day. In this good day I acknowledge my powerlessness over alcohol-the unmanageability of my life. Please take my will and my life. Thank you very much for your daily reprieve, your gift of sobriety. Please grant me an awareness of and gratitude for, the goodness and miracle of your gift throughout this day. Please let me use your gift in a way that pleases you and helps others. Lord, give me thoughts, words, and silence that will be helpful to others. Grant me knowledge of your will for me and the power to carry that out. Creator, please lead me this day in the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness, and love. Show me what I can do today to help the person who is still sick. Amen.

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