An Evening Prayer

The evening prayer is a prayer used at night by someone in recovery to reflect on their day. It’s a prayer that helps us get honest with ourselves about our day and also about how we are feeling about those in our lives. There are the four killers of sobriety that we must watch our for, which are:

  • Resentment;
  • Selfishness;
  • Dishonesty;
  • and Fear

All four of these killers will pop up continuously throughout our journey in sobriety, but we must be willing to be honest when they arise. Each step within the 12 steps has the ability to tackle each of these killers. Use this prayer every night before bed.

Prayer Text

Thank you, God, for my daily reprieve-your gift of sobriety. Please help me honestly review this day, without worry, remorse, or morbid reflection. Was I resentful? Wash I selfish? Was I dishonest? Was I afraid? If I was, please remove these defects from me. I commit to discuss them with another person and make amends quickly, if I harmed anyone. Was I patient? Was I kind? Was I tolerant? Was I loving? God, please forgive me and grant me knowledge of what changes in my life I should make. Help me be of maximum service to you and others. Lord, today I remember these people in my prayer to you: (say your prayer). Amen.

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