AA Speaker Tapes

AA speaker tapes are a collection of audio recordings by members of alcoholics anonymous shared at AA meetings. All of our speaker tapes are of people who have given us the permission to release their stories with the exception that we do not expose their name and that we alter their voice – both of which we oblige to and pledge the oath of anonymity.

Library of Speaker Tapes

Date Published Title Description
March 16, 2021 The Gold Digging Irishman A story about an irishman, recorded on March 13th, 2021, who got sober in his late 40’s and as of this share, he has 20 years of sobriety. Listen Here
March 13, 2021 Karla A. on Self Restraint A woman in AA that struggles with her grandiose ego getting in her way. She also shares her struggle from the impulse to click the “send” button before thinking it through with a clear head. Listen Here