AA Intergroup

AA intergroup is a centralized partnership amongst A.A. groups in a local region. Creating an intergroup helps serve all groups that are partnered together. By joining an intergroup, a new A.A. group can learn how to better serve members and grow their community.

What is Intergroup?

The main purpose when forming an intergroup is to allow groups to support each other in their common goal to help suffering alcoholics and spreading the word. Intergroup offices are especially abundant in highly populated areas such as large cities and commonwealths. Currently there are over 700 intergroup offices around the world! Each intergroup office will typically have a 24/7 hotline phone number to allow the suffering in immediate need of help a number to call. Members from those groups will volunteer and help answer phone calls.

Intergroup offices offer the following services:

  • Answers to inquires related to A.A.
  • Provide a Meeting List and offer Literature
  • Provide local support to Correctional and Treatment Centers in regards to A.A.
  • Manage local events
  • Issue a Newsletter or Bulletin

How to Join an Intergroup?

Joining an intergroup affiliated with A.A. is simple but the requirements can be strict. Not every A.A. intergroup is the same and some operate differently than others. To find your local intergroup office, simply type into google ‘your city/state’ + intergroup.

An A.A. Intergroup may require the following information to join:

  • How long has your group/meeting been actively offering meetings?
  • Types of service commitments your group is willing to serve
  • Your group’s willingness to serve on committees

Once your group is able to join your local intergroup, the intergroup office will need the following information:

  • Head member contact info and sobriety date
  • Day and time of meetings (both physical and online)
  • Types of meetings offered
  • Location of meeting(s)

Volunteering at an Intergroup

All intergroup offices are self supporting by A.A. members which means that there is always a need for volunteers to help run the day to day operations.

Answering Phones

In order to answer the phones, it’s typical that the person have at least one year of sobriety under their belt. There are two reasons for having at least a year of sobriety. (1) A person who is at least a year sober has a better chance of sticking with their commitment. (2) A person with one years worth of sobriety has a better scope of A.A. and is more capable of having answers for those in need.

Answering phones has become much easier now a-days than in the past where you had to physically go to the intergroup offices to answer the phones. Now, the intergroup office will set up forwarding to your cell phone during your shifts to answer the phone.

Other Service Opportunities

There are a lot more service commitments that need attention besides answering phones. Any A.A. intergroup would be very happy to have volunteers, despite their sobriety time, to fill needed positions. Needed volunteering opportunities with no sobriety time requirement are as follows:

  • Stuffing and sending envelopes
  • Filing and archiving
  • Sending mail and A.A. literature to groups
  • Bring A.A. meetings to detox, rehab and outpatient programs

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